Outdoor Furniture Collection
Teak Range

Teak is a very attractive and durable hardwood, and with little maintenance, will last for generations. The molecular structure of Teak gives it the unique characteristic of being able to retain its natural oil; thus protecting it from outside influences such as termites, wood-rot, extremes of hot and cold and is entirely water-resistant.

Beautifully crafted tables, benches, stools and sofas that are both comfortable and ageless in design and functionality. We have a large range of garden chairs, outdoor lazy chairs, sun lounges, dining chairs and sofas all crafted from teak wood. Great quality at an affordable price. Our dining chairs fit in well with our range of quality timber dining tables, offering stunning complete dining settings with the flexibility of choosing design combinations to whatever size you require.

If you are looking for solid teak furniture that will take your outdoor dining and living experience to where you want to be, give us a call on +61 2 42 961 400