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Balinese Gazebos

Premium Outdoor Products offer a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes. Simple square or rectangular thatched gazebos modelled after the bale benongs or bales of Bali are very popular and enhance the garden both aesthetically and practically. Open on all sides or semi enclosed, they offer shelter from sunshine or rain while allowing air circulation and views of the garden.

Bali grass (alang alang) is a traditional straw used for the thatch roof. Besides the tropical look, one of the advantages of a thick thatching material is insulation against heat from the sun. The Gazebos are built to suit our Australian weather conditions and are 100% waterproof.

While less tropical-looking than thatch, wooden shingles (sirap) or terracotta tiles are alternatives which are also used in Bali and Indonesia. Decorative terracotta roof ornaments at the apex (crown motif) and corners will truly add an exotic Balinese look to such a roofline.

All gazebos are built with a roof framework of either hardwood timber (Benkiri) or Coconut palm wood. We offer:

Premium Hardwood gazebo with Alang Alang (Thatched grass) roof

The best money can buy
  • Traditional Alang Alang thatched grass roof
  • Naturally insulated, our gazebos are between 5-15 degrees cooler inside than out!
  • Stay dry, our gazebos are 100% waterproof
  • Quality hardwood timber roof frame and deck (optional)
  • Solid Coconut palm posts
  • Decorative timber carvings for all fascia boards
  • Terracotta crown
  • Estimated life of roof is 12-15 years before you may need to re-thatch parts-depending on local weather conditions (we are also able to supply individual pieces of Alang Alang should your roof need to be repaired in future)

Premium Hardwood gazebo with Ironwood (timber) Shingle roof

A premium alternative to the Alang Alang grass roof
  • Kiln dried Ironwood (Ulin Hardwood) shingle roof
  • Rattan ceiling lining
  • Hardwood timber frame with traditional rafter system
  • Hardwood timber deck (optional)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Coconut palm wood posts
  • Decorative timber carvings for all fascia boards
  • Terracotta crown
  • Estimated life of roof 25 years

Coconut Wood gazebo with Alang Alang (Thatched grass) roof

A simpler style, budget priced alternative to the hardwood timber versions.
  • Thatched grass roof with a lower pitch than the Premium versions
  • All Coconut Palm frame and posts
  • Coconut wood floor (optional)
  • Decorative timber carvings for all fascia boards
  • Estimated life of roof is 10-13 years before you may need to re-thatch parts (depending on local weather conditions)
  • 100% waterproof

Perfect poolside, in courtyards and other small spaces our gazebos will give your home the feel of an island paradise.

As we build our gazebo range we have the flexibility to offer a variety of features to ensure that your gazebo will reflect your own personal sense of style and meet your family's individual requirements.

Colours Available


Standard Sizes

2 x 2 m; 2 x 3 m; 3 x 3 m
3 x 6 m; 4 x 4 m; 4 x 6 m
5 x 5 m; 6 x 6 m


Natural                     Medium Brown       Dark Mahogany


  Optional Extras


Shingles Roofing


Square Bengkirai \ Hardwood posts


Pineapple carving



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