Garage Doors - Industrial & Domestic
Roller Doors

An economical way of enclosing your garage, carport or shed. They come in a variety of colours, sizes and profiles and are able to fit most openings. Available door widths range from 950 to 5400, while door heights range from 1250 to 3000. These doors can be operated manually or with a motor

Roller doors comprise of ribbed steel curtain that moves vertically in the opening, and rolls up around a drum, guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs. They are particularly suitable for garages and sheds where there is plenty of headroom above the opening and where a traditional look is required.

  • Available in a wide choice of colorbond colours.
  • Roller Doors revolve around technologically improved nylon or steel Drum Wheels and are counter balanced using helical springs allowing for years of balanced operation.
  • Nylon webbing fixed to the curtain of the roller door ensures pleasantly quiet and smooth operation.
  • Optimum Headroom above the daylight opening for a domestic Roller door up to 2100 is 400mm, which will enable the roll to neatly sit above the opening height. Our Sales Representatives can advise on non-standard headroom situations and find the best solution for you.