Outdoor Furniture Collection
Rattan Range

Balinese rattan furniture is available in traditional and contemporary styles. Rattan furniture is constructed with a cane or wooden frame ( Teak or Mahogany ) and secured with screws. Our new range of synthetic UV resistant polymer material is woven over an anodized aluminum frame for use in all weather conditions. Rattan furniture may be woven in rattan peel, wicker, water hyacinth, Banana leaf, sea grass or combinations of all of the above. We welcome your requests for rattan and woven products not listed in our catalog.

RATTAN DINING FURNITURE SETS are both modern and traditional in design, Bali rattan furniture is crafted from organic materials including old style wicker weaves and more contemporary utilizing metal frames and combinations of Banana Leaf, sea grass and water hyacinth or a mixture of all of these materials.

Formal and casual RATTAN CHAIRS complete therattan dining settings. Use with our range of rattan dining tables or select tables from our teak furniture catalog.

BALI RATTAN LOUNGE SUITES including Corner suites, traditional four piece ensembles and unique Bali Rattan Furniture settings

Purchase RATTAN ARMCHAIRS as complete furniture sets or as single units to accompany the range of Rattan lounge furniture.

RATTAN SOFAS are available in two and three seater combinations or may be mixed and matched with the same design of rattan armchairs.

RATTAN STOOLS and Ottomans will complete your Bali rattan furniture ensemble.
Each Lounge setting is matched with corresponding RATTAN TABLES and are supplied with beveled glass tops