Remote Systems
Sectional Remotes

ST50EVOB Belt Drive Motor

The ST50EVOB is powerful and fast with 24V DC motor with 3 piece segmented belt rail. Built to last with the strength to open any branded domestic door and thermal overload protection.



Merlin MT60EVO Powerace Sectional Opener

The MT60EVO is super quiet, energy efficient and has the latest security and frequency technology.


Merlin MT100EVO Tiltmaster Sectional Opener

The MT100EVO is quiet, powerful and reliable.


Merlin MT120EVO CyclonePro Sectional Opener

The MT120EVO is a safe solution for powering cyclone, wind rated and heavy custom doors.

Merlin MT3850EVO Whisper Drive Sectional Opener

The MT850EVO is the ultimate opener. Super fast, quiet and energy efficient


Merlin MJ3800 Residential & Light Commercial Door Opener

The MJ3800 is ideal for designer homes. Installed beside the door, leaving garage ceiling clear for storage. Powerful and quiet.