Remote Systems

Merlin 4 Button Premium+ Remote


Ability to code both security+ and security+2.0 on the one remote frequency

Part No: E960M

Merlin 4 Button Slider Remote


Ability to operate up to four doors or gates from the one unit. Slide cover protects buttons.

Part No: E950M

Merlin 3 Button Keyring Remote

Merlin 4 Channel Mini Remote (AM)

Ability to operate up to three doors or gates from the one unit.

Part No : E945M

Merlin Wireless Security Keypad


Mounts on the outside garage wall or door jamb. This enables you to open your garage door without keys when you enter a 4 digit security code.

Part No: E840M

3 Channel Universal Receiver

Multifrequency system.

Part No: E8003

Wireless Wall Button


Popular option for homes with internal access to the garage. No wiring and can open up to two garage doors.

Part No: E138M

IR Beams Protector Systems


Safety beam sensors that sense obstruction and stop the door closing before impact. This system is strongly recommended for added safety. Includes wires and mounting brackets.

Part No: 774ANZ

Keyed Cable Release


Manual key release for single access garages. Disengages the opener from outside the door.

Part No: CM1702 (Manual release)

Keyed Cable Release


Manual override device for access when there is no power to the garage door opener.

Part No: DMK1 (Brick fix)

Evercharge Standby Power Unit (Battery Backup)


Battery backup system ensures the garage door remains operational in the event of a power blackout. Easy plug and socket connection to the opener.

Part No: E475M-12V