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We have solved the problem of accesses to old town centres or to restricted traffic zones

In cities, especially in old town centres, traffic is becoming more and more difficult to manage. FAAC launches a new range of devices specifically studied to offer solutions for this type of problem.

A valid city traffic controller

FAAC City is a metal cylinder with a piston mechanism enabling it to be raised and lowered by command. These cylindrical elements are highly resistant to impact and atmospheric agents. They are housed inside compartments set into road surfaces and dissuade traffic and/or parking.

FAAC City offers help and an intelligent solution as an alternative to fixed stations, railings, barriers, chains and the like, by regulating entry of cars in given zones and preventing abusive parking.

The bollard therefore has a multiplicity of uses:
it delimits pedestrian islands during the most crowded hour bands or permanently, it allows entry to certain zones to authorized vehicles only (tradespeople, residents, hotel or garage guests, taxis and chauffeured driven cars, holders of reserved parking permits), it delimits car parks, squares or pavements and can also be used as a safety protective device.

City mobility and respect for urban décor

FAAC City's strong point is that it best exploits available space, thanks to its mobile, concealed structure. The bollard not only guarantees smooth pedestrian flow, but also manages vehicle traffic and restricted parking, with the
following advantages:
- Does not disfigure the characteristics of the environment because it is a mobile, concealed element with minimum
environmental impact.
- Ensures greater protection of pedestrian areas in old town centres.
- Allows access to authorized vehicles only.
- Reduces and optimises the use of human resources engaged in access control activities.
- Customisable colour selection for blending in with the urban context.
- Operation can be highlighted by buzzer or indicator light, according to position.
- Available with a large range of accessories.
- It is a deterrent

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